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Leaders in metabolic health, keto, and Black culture

leaders in metabolic health, keto and black culture, Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, Tony Hampton, Tracey Brown, keto and black culture podcasts, chef Taffiny, Tracey Brown

Black doctors and executives addressing metabolic health || Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, MD | Tony Hampton, MD | Tracey Brown, CEO|| Keto and Black culture Podcasts || Keto & Black culture success stories ||Black Keto Chefs & Recipes | Keto recipes – Cornbread, soul food & other American favorites.

Lifestyle changes are much more sustainable if they are enjoyable, affordable and culturally appropriate. As Nadia said, “Maintaining our culture while incorporating healthier eating and habits is an issue for many communities of color.” (1)((Nadia La Mar, interview, June 20201.)) Luckily, we don’t have to make the journey alone. These Black content providers provide a great deal of information for free. If you find something useful then please encourage them with a like, a follow, a comment or a purchase. Metabolic Multiplier does not receive financial compensation from anyone on this website. Someone or something we can add? Let us know in the comments below.

Black doctors & executives addressing metabolic health

Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart, MD, FACOG

Dr Cecily Anne Clark-Ganheart MD

Dr. Clark-Ganheart is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician with a certification in Obesity Medicine. She serves as a consultant for high risk pregnancies with a focus on helping women maximize health, wellness, and fertility. Dr. Clark-Ganheart brings a unique set of skills and perspectives on the metabolic health for women of childbearing age and their babies. We’re particularly excited to hear her insights on using fasting ketosis to improve maternal and fetal health!

You can find Dr. Clark-Ganheart on her website, The Fasting Doctor. There you will find her (11) Podcast appearances. She’s most active on Instagram, LinkedIN. YouTube Channel, and Facebook. The Fasting Doctor’s Physician Referral Network may help you find a doctor near you.

Tony Hampton, MD, MBA, CPE, ABOM

Dr. Tony Hampton MD

Dr. Tony Hampton is a Board Certified physician in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine.

Of particular interest is his mnemonic device for remembering metabolic interventions. Stay in your N.E.S.T. and use your R.O.P.E. to climb to it. He gives an overview on his YouTube Channel. You will find more detail in the first episode of his new podcast, Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton. What we particularly value in Dr. Hampton’s perspective is that he weaves together the many facets of metabolic health. For example, if your depression has you stressed and not sleeping, then weight loss may allude you.

Dr. Hampton is particularly active on Twitter, his YouTube Channel and LinkedIN. His website is coming in late July.

“We need a fundamental paradigm shift in healthcare where we not only focus on diagnosing and treating disease but also understanding it’s root cause providing a clearer path towards healing and the optimization of health.” Dr. Tony Hampton

Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, MD

An ICU physician hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Dr. Kyeremanteng recently spoke with Bret Scher about Critical Illness prevention on a Diet Doctor podcast. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng also hosts his own podcast, Solving Healthcare, from the Resource Optimization Network.

Tracey Brown, CEO, ADA

Ms. Brown’s profile as CEO, American Diabetes Association (ADA), LinkedIN profile. She uses low-carb to manage her diabetes, as described on these podcasts and article.

Our article explains why over 50 doctors, researchers, and clinicians want change. Americans Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer. It’s Time to Overhaul the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Keto and Black culture podcasts and groups

Metabolic Multiplier has not vetted all of these podcast episodes for the science. We’d love your feedback in the comments below.

Black Girls Keto Too with Wendy Featherston

22 Podcast episodes. Their Black Girls Keto Too by Wendy Featherston Facebook group has more than 40,000 members.

“What differs with me and my group is that we focus on mindset before anything else. When I started my journey I had to get my head in the game, first. I also focus on keeping things as simple as possible and adopting keto as a lifestyle shift versus a diet. The level of activity and conversation that takes place in our sacred sisterhood is unmatched. I have really created a sacred, positive, place where black women feel safe, and are celebrated while taking their health back in their own hands.” Wendy Featherston

Black Keto Girl presents Keto After Dark with Kendra Wilson

Kendra has released 10 Episodes in total. Her companion website is Black Keto Girl. Her Black Keto Girl Facebook group has almost 6,000 members.

Kendra addresses an issue of concern to many with large amounts of weight to lose, excess skin. Anecdotal evidence indicates there may be a non-surgical alternative. Consider adding intermittent fasting (24 to 42 hours) to your weight loss routine from the beginning. See The Fasting Method’s success stories for Dolly and Robert and insights from Dr. Jason Fung.

The Black Keto Podcast Their podcast spans 5 episodes.

Keto AF Facebook group

Their Keto AF, Black Girls do Keto Too Facebook group has over 30,000 members. Black women only.

Keto and black culture success stories

Programs successfully reaching under-served communities of color

Eat Better South Africa – Improving South Africa’s Health by combating chronic metabolic disease in under-served communities. Since 2015 they have run 14 successful programs reducing diabetes and improving metabolic health.

Virta Health’s success stories with Black patients

Diet Doctor’s success stories with Black patients

Stories including ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting

Stories including low-carb diets and intermittent fasting

The Fasting Method’s success with Black members

Ron Garrett, interviewed by 2 Keto Dudes

2 Keto Dudes Podcast “Ron ‘Big Black’ Garrett. Ron grew up following traditional bodybuilding and nutritional dogma. He trained hard and saw results. Unfortunately he also found himself suffering from joint pain and pre-diabetes. Ron has since discovered the ketogenic diet and it has proven to be the fountain of youth for him. He has taken what he’s learned about the diet to help and improve the lives of others. At his work, in his church, and within the inner cities, Ron is using the ketogenic diet as a means to pay it forward!”

Chefs and recipes drawing from Black culture and ancestral foodways

Chef Taffiny Elrod, New York City & Hudson Valley

Chef Taffy’s passion is to share classic cooking techniques with as many people as possible. A long time professional Chef, Elrod does just this on her website, Taffiny is also a respected recipe developer and culinary instructor. She helped introduce the author to the breadth of possibilities in keto cooking!

While her long standing restaurant recently closed due to COVID, we eagerly await her next project. Chef Taffy will build on her deep knowledge of the ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, whole food, and traditional cooking spaces. She just might return to her roots, investigate our swirl of cultures and pursue our ancestral foodways. My taste buds can hardly wait!

Chef Robert Ramsay, RD86

Thanks to Chef Robert, his RD86 restaurant is the culinary center of the universe for Ketofest. His generosity and vision enabled so many of us to broaden our keto cooking repertoire.

Recipes – Soul Food & ancestral foodways

Soul food recipe ideas on Facebook

Our thanks to our summer intern, Nadia La Mar. She gave us the idea for this post as the first part of a series on Culture and Metabolic Health. Nadia is a rising college Freshman. She is interested in public health to benefit people of color and other disadvantaged groups.

Other Metabolic Multiplier Posts

Our summer intern inspired us!

Metabolic Multiplier’s summer intern, Nadia La Mar, gave us the idea for this series on culture, affinity groups and life style: “My fight in the Black Lives Matter movement, which has had a major resurgence over the past two months, is not so common. While I have been doing my part to fight the institutional and systemic racism Black people face by donating to Black-led organizations, signing petitions, educating myself and others, and taking time for self-care, in the long-run, I want to be a public health professional. It is well known that Black people face daily barriers, including discrimination of many forms and lack of representation in professional fields. However, Black people face another set of barriers regarding their health. Higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and other preventable diseases plague Black communities. How do you preserve a community’s culture while still making sure people are eating healthy? The Black keto health professionals above show that both are achievable and attainable. We can still have our culture while respecting ourselves and our bodies. Black Lives Matter. Black culture matters. Black health matters.” (1)

This post was fact checked by Christie Barnett, APN, Mani Malagon, and Nadia La Mar.

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