Best keto resources for doctors & patients

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Knowing where to start makes change less daunting. Here is our curated list of the best the credible keto world has to offer. If you have additions, let us know! If you offer keto care and would like to be linked, let us know!

Keto resources for families, caregivers and patients

Of the many versions of the ketogenic diet, might some emerge as preferable for certain indications or bio-individual factors?

Ketogenic diet overviews

Emerging keto diet guidelines a may also be helpful.

Medical Ketogenic Diet

Especially for more serious conditions such as epilepsy, treatment-resistant schizophrenia, bipolar or depression disorders.

Ketogenic diets combined with elimination diets and other variants.

Some athletes and those with food sensitivities use other keto diet variations.  Ketogenic diets can also be vegetarian, vegan and carnivore diets. Some who desire to improve their metabolic health by spending some time in ketosis, choose instead to use fasting and time restricted eating.  We at Metabolic Multiplier are diet diplomats. Work with your doctor to find what works for you, especially if you are using diet to help treat a disorder.

  • Nevada Gray, PharmD, RN, CPT. the PaleoPharmicist, provides an evidence-based approach to addressing food sensitivities across the spectrum of diet options.
  • Carrie Diulus, MD. An orthopedic spinal surgeon manage her type 1 diabetes with a ketogenic diet

Moderated keto support groups for individuals and their families

The following are popular forums for ketogenic eating.  

Free keto support groups

Keto communities with membership (some have a free trial period).

Best low carb books

best ketogenic resources for weight loss, keto resources for doctors, CME, CE, books, support groups

This keto book list is ordered by a measure of popularity, the number of ratings received on Goodreads.

Low carb and keto books for beginners 

More advanced low carb and keto books

Keto resources for mental health

Best keto resources for clinicians

Note: A low-carbohyrdate diet is a loose term for restriction of sugar & starches. Similarly, there are many versions of the ketogenic diet for weight loss. A stricter version, the medical/therapeutic ketogenic diet (TKD) requires strict macro-nutrient measurement and strict patient adherence. A TKD uses blood ketone levels as an objective criteria of achievement.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Certified Education (CE)

CME / CE’s for clinicians – keto for metabolic syndrome, diabetes & weight loss

  • Virta Health – Currently focused on Type 2 Diabetes and weight loss. Information for healthcare providers.
    • Once you’ve registered with Virta, they also have (free) clinician focused trainings and support groups.
  • Conferences – A variety of low-carb conferences offer CME’s and the opportunity to meet others in the field. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dates for large, in-person meetings are in flux.

CME’s /CE’s for clinicians – ketogenic therapies for epilepsy & brain health

Clinician to clinician questions

Virta Health hosts a “Low Carb Clinicians” group on Facebook.  It is a great resource for questions “about the use of low carbohydrate lifestyles and nutritional ketosis in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease.” Clinicians ONLY.

Fasting science (and time restricted eating)

The Fasting Method. The science of fasting. What are the benefits. Getting started. Type 2 Diabetes. Wellness. Autophagy. Research.

Keto diet guidelines

Many types of keto diets are related to weight loss goals. Different diet versions are also emerging to treat specific  disorders. Some are elimination diets to treat allergies or reactions to food, others aim at improving irritable bowel or other digestive issues. Other versions of the diet help with neurological or psychiatric disorders, these require close monitoring and specific design..  Ketogenic diets can be used to control or reverse metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and these versions also require careful control.  If a ketogenic diet is used to treat a disorder, it is being used as a medical intervention, and as such it will require medical supervision and strict adherence.

If you take prescription medications or suspect you have an underlying condition, then please work with your clinicians to tailor your diet to your specific needs. Of course, there are also many websites, books, podcasts and self-proclaimed experts aimed at weight loss. Buyer beware.

Other keto resources from Metabolic Multiplier

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