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Over 20 directories of Keto Providers near me: Doctors| Dietitians & Nutritionists | Other coaches & Fitness Experts | Building my keto treatment team.

Keto doctors near me. keto coach. keto nutritionist. keto dietitian.

Here is an iterative provider list of clinicians who represent themselves as low-carb, ketogenic or pro intermittent fasting in their practice. We want to help you find clinicians in your area, but we are not a certifying body or a licensing agency. So we cannot endorse the quality of care a clinician will provide. Patient beware. You must use your judgement before you engage any service listed here. Always check for relevant licensing and/or certification.

There are many different versions of the ketogenic diet. If you are on prescription medications or have a medical condition then please work with a competent clinician because dangerous adverse events can occur. Your ketogenic therapy treatment team can tailor your treatment to your healthcare needs and lifestyle.

Listings include low-carb and ketogenic doctors.

World-wide listings of keto doctors

Regional listings of keto doctors in English

Regional listings of keto doctors in other languages

You may want to add a keto dietitian or a keto coach to your team.

Low-carb and keto coaches, including dietitians

Dietitians experienced with ketogenic therapies for epilepsy

Experienced with ketogenic therapies for pediatric epilepsy (100 years of research for this indication). See their guidelines here.

Ketogenic nutritionists and dietitians

Keto for Psych – Ketogenic diet for psychiatric conditions

Chris Palmer, MD: Ketogenic clinicians and service providers using medical ketogenic diet for mental and metabolic health.

The strongest evidence for treatment-resistant brain conditions points to using the Dietary Therapies for Epilepsy rather than Prescription of Carbohydrate Restriction as a Therapeutic Intervention. One major difference is the former focuses on the ratio of fat grams to grams of carbohydrate and protein. The latter focuses on daily grams of dietary carbohydrates.

Do I care if the practitioner is licensed or certified?

Countries and states have their own licensing of health care providers and who may practice what where. Doctors and registered dietitians are typically licensed while nutritionists are not. Some of these regulatory restrictions have relaxed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Low-Carbohydrate, High Fat Health Coaches and Fitness Experts

Other low-carb and keto practitioners

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What we excluded

Since the science is still emerging on supplements, we excluded sites that are focused on supplement sales over encouraging real food. Your keto clinicians and other practitioners will be able to help you better understand the trade off’s around supplements.

Metabolic Multiplier and the authors have no financial relationship with anyone on this list.

Fact checked by Christie Barnett, APN and Captain Mani Malagon.

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