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Raj Seth before orange

Raj’s journey from obese and diabetic to healthy

Raj Seth’s notes for his upcoming podcast on LowCarbMD with Doctors Brian Lenzkes and Jason Fung. Fat as a kid I had always been fat as far back as I can remember. I developed a fat persona. A self-deprecating sense of humor with sharp retorts to skinny kids. I got […]

chart that could be in a medical case report

Why write medical case reports about unique cases?

Publishing unique case reports in the medical literature helps move mental-health care forward. “I would push you to write up some case reports…. Writing a case report might seem like a waste of time, because you don’t get paid a dime for it… I don’t mean anecdotes on the web… […]

diet and alzheimers mouse model of alzheimers what's good fighting against alzheimers

Might the ketogenic diet help fight Alzheimer’s Disease?

Major Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease Studies show that major risk factors for Alzheimer’s include metabolic, lifestyle and genetic factors: Diabetes (1, 4, 7) Obesity (1) Cardiovascular disease (1,4) Lack of exercise (1, 7) Poor sleep (2, 3, 5) Depression (6, 7) and The ApoE4 genetic allele (4) Combination of […]

Why evaluate dietary interventions? They’re just food.

Chris Palmer. MD just published Diets and Disorders: Can Foods or Fasting Be Considered Psychopharmacologic Therapies? It is in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry(1)  and you’ll find an executive summary in this post. First I want to talk a bit about nutritional psychiatry and why it is important to us […]

woman ketogenic diet depression

Relieving depression with the ketogenic diet?

Perhaps those suffering from treatment-resistant depression could find some relief with the ketogenic diet? Any attempt to try this MUST be medically supervised because there are both psychiatric and metabolic dangers in this dietary intervention when it is used for people with depression or other mental disorders. Some background information […]

Doris schizophrenia remission

Doris’s chronic schizophrenia put into remission bringing hope to many

Starting at the end, Doris is ok.  She is living happily ever after. But it wasn’t always so. She gave us permission to share her story. Why? Doris wants to further the understanding of her disorder and improve its treatment. How it all began Doris began her journey with mental […]

Christie Barnett, APN

My mother’s suffering spurred me to find keto

Christie Barnett’s keto journey: Sitting in a nursing home with my dying mother is where it all began for me. There she was, a 71-year-old formerly dignified college instructor, stuck in a wheelchair, sitting in a diaper. My mom’s final chapter She had a stroke at age 70 and was […]

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