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Overview schematics help us think about metabolic health

1. Metabolic schematics overview | 2. Metabolic factors & interventions | 3. Metabolic disorders | 4. Metabolism | | 5. Lifestyle, community and culture | 6. Metabolic health literacy resources | 7. Metabolic health services | 8. Metabolic health products | 9. Definitions || Organizing Groups | Society for Metabolic Health Providers |

1.0 Metabolic schematics overview

We have found these schematics valuable so we are sharing them with you.  Comments and suggestions are welcome! Use the comment function below or Contact Us.

Metabolic health schematic 1.0

2.0 Metabolic factors & interventions

These metabolic interventions keep us healthy and can also be used to restore health.  We at Metabolic Multiplier find this thought schematic to be a helpful way to view the inter-connectivity of the multiple aspects of this complex system. Many choose one intervention at a time to focus on.

metabolic factors interventions therapies

On Metabolic Multiplier | 2.0 Metabolic factors / interventions || Nutrition | Lifestyle |

3.0 Metabolic disorders

A variety of disorders exhibit correlation with either metabolic health, each other, or the metabolic interventions listed above. Research-based evidence supports each indication and is growing quickly.

Metabolic schematic 3.0 Metabolic disorders

Some disorders are widely accepted to have a metabolic component due to ample published evidence. In other cases the evidence of a metabolic link is still emerging, and more research is needed.

On Metabolic Multiplier | 3.0 Metabolic Disorders: || Alzheimer’s || Depression || Diabetes || Epilepsy || Obesity || Schizophrenia

4.0 Metabolism

Our understanding of human metabolism and its complexities is growing exponentially. Research into human gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota is in its early stages and has already revealed many mechanisms of action. The interactions are complex.

Metabolic schematic 4.0 Metabolism

For some disorders the metabolic connection is well established with published evidence. For others the connection is emerging and more research is needed.

On Metabolic Multiplier – 4.0 Metabolism || Layperson terms for ketone body metabolism || Ketosis versus ketoacidosis || Mani’s metabolic musings

5.0 Lifestyle, Community, & Culture

Sustainable change is more enjoyable and effective when it respects culture, community, and lifestyle choices. We at Metabolic Multiplier are diet diplomats. We believe a metabolically healthy lifestyle is derived and sustained with the understanding of a person’s bio-social-cultural individuality. (See Metabolic Schematic 2.0 and 6.0) Below, we dive deeper into some of these relevant affinity groups.

lifestyle community and culture metabolic schematic 5.0

On Metabolic Multiplier – 5.0 Community & Culture || Who does diabetes hit hardest? || Black culture || Lifestyle Medicine (Not just for vegetarians!) ||

6.0 Metabolic Health Literacy Resources – Curate metabolic health information

Health literacy education matters. The metabolic health community’s ability to build on each others work should allow us to reach more people. Grounding advice on evidence-based sources is how medicine evolves.

Imagine doctors educating their patients using a “flipped classroom.” They could assign condition-related homework available in a book, podcast or movie/ video. Then patients could discuss this material with their clinicians. Similarly, a teacher might assign a Khan Academy video as homework and then discuss the material or provide assistance with solving problems in class.

metabolic health literacy schematic

7.0 Metabolic health services – Provide guidance and coaching

Metabolic Multiplier supports a regional accelerator model. This model integrates low-carb practitioners, specialists, health coaches, and local events. These community-based seeds can grow and support patients locally. See our article on building your treatment team for more complex cases.

metabolic schematic 3.0 health services schematic provide guidance and coaching

On Metabolic Multiplier – 7.0 Metabolic Health Services – Keto doctors near me – 20+ listings: Doctors| Dietitians & Nutritionists | Other coaches & Fitness Experts ||Building my keto treatment team ||  Why write medical case reports about unique cases?

8.0 Metabolic health products

What, when, where and why? Answering these question about any illness or remediation require a bio-individual approach. Measurements are vital for determining metabolic health and improvement opportunities. The underlying causes are specific and can only be addressed through detailed analysis and monitoring. Hence, clinical expertise is recommended when embarking on major changes. For example, Dr. Eric Westman’s description of the ketogenic diet as a prescription-strength intervention.

Bio-individuality – Each person brings a unique set of metabolic factors that require proper assessment.  Also, metabolic factors change over time. 

metabolic schematic 8.0 products

9.0 Definitions

In some cases precise definitions of low-carb and metabolic health terms are necessary. A particular word’s definition might include the following:

  • Layperson
  • Scientific – Emphasis on measurable critera. May include the biochemical processing of organic compounds, medical caveats and special cases.
  • Legal (package labeling, etc.) – Lawmakers may appreciate drafted legislation and definitions. It is often easier to edit than to create.

On Metabolic Multiplier – 9.0 Definitions | What is metabolic health? | Lifestyle Medicine (Not just for vegetarians!) | Layperson terms for ketone body metabolism | Ketosis versus ketoacidosis | We’re starting a glossary of terms from a metabolic health perspective. Proposed definitions can be out this site (see time restricted eating or metabolic health) or link to another site (see triglycerides). Help us help you by sharing your feedback!

10.0 Metabolic health not-for-profits

Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP)

Tune in to Low Carb USA’s Virtual SanDiego 2020 for announcements. For what’s public, listen to this interview between Doctor Tro, MD and Adele Hite, PHD MPH, RDN.

Low-Carb Action Network (L-CAN)

“The Low-Carb Action Network is advocating for a true low-carb diet to be added to the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a viable dietary option.

Nutrition Coalition

“For dietary policy based on rigorous science.”

Food4Health Alliance

The Food4Health Alliance works to drive urgent policy changes to ensure that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are founded upon rigorous scientific evidence and reflect the needs of all Americans, including the millions of people with chronic disease, as well as America’s underrepresented and disadvantaged communities.

Difference Foundation

A Quantitative Science Fund to stop the Metabolic and Diabetes Epidemic

Mission – Reduce the global incidence and effects of the diseases of Obesity, Diabetes and Malnutrition. The Foundation will develop robust scientific support for approaches to prevent and reverse the target diseases. It will do so through designing, guiding and funding highly quantitative research to develop strong evidence on the impact of lifestyle factors on metabolic welfare and in facilitating and guiding social and industrial policies based on this evidence.

Fact checking

Thank you to Christie Barnett and Mani Malagón for their extensive input and fact checking. This post builds upon the scholarship of many who’ve come before.

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