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Obesity is known as being excessively overweight. This depends on Body Mass Index (BMI) which is weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.

Being obese can lead to serious health complications, including high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. The risk factors and causes behind obesity are family history, exercise and diet habits, certain medications that may be taken, socio-economic issues, smoking, stress, age, and many others.


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What is metabolic health? A biochemist’s definition

It depends on who you ask, but there are some generally agreed upon parameters for measuring metabolic health. It can be measured in our blood or bodies. These medical, physiological and laboratory test markers...

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Fact check – Americans Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer. It’s Time to Overhaul the U.S. Dietary Guidelines

“Americans Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer.  It’s Time to Overhaul the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.”  More than 50 doctors, researchers, and clinicians signed an open letter that was published in the New York Times...