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Clinicians are involved directly in patient care. For example, physicians, registered dietitians, pharmacists & certified diabetes educators. They typically have a government issued license to practice.

Promoting metabolic health through lifestyle Military veterans

Military & Veterans

Meeting Agenda Discuss how we might promote metabolic health through lifestyle for veterans and members of the military. 2021:, 10/11, 11/08, 12/13. Eastern Time (New York). Second Monday of each month. Meeting since January,...

diabetes statistics ethnic groups hardest hit

Supporting Metabolic Health in Communities of Color

Future Wish List Food 4 Health Alliance, another lobbying group, has been active. They might be interested in a focus group with Metabolic Health influencers within communities of color. When Metabolic Multiplier published Leaders...

ketosis vs ketoacidosis (Ketoacidosis (acetonenia, acetonuria, ketoaciduria, ketonemia, ketonuria)

Ketosis versus ketoacidosis, metabolic flexibility or pancreatic disability?

Ketosis is the natural production of ketone bodies in the fasted state by the liver and kidney from fatty acids. Ketoacidosis results from dysregulated pancreatic beta-cell insulin production.