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Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory

January 11 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Promoting Metabolic Health - Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory

January Meeting Agenda

Discuss how we might approach regulatory groups and agencies such as DARPA about Promoting Metabolic Health.

October Meeting Take aways:

Lobbying groups, Nutrition Network & Low-Carb Action Network have two asks of the LC community.

1. Ask your followers & patients to write their congressman with these 2 asks during 2020.

  • Low-Carb Action Network and Nutrition Coalition have asked for short term assistance between now and the end of December
  • Make two asks in letters to your congressman. Page links for this are forthcoming.
    1. Dietary guidelines need to have a giant caveat stating that they are only for healthy Americans
    2. That the dietary guidelines should not be the sole guidance for USDA Feeding Assistance Programs, which serve populations with higher rates of metabolic diseases. 
  • The Nutrition Coalition, Food 4 Health, and potential other groups  are working on putting together an “Alternative Dietary Guidlines” when the official USDA dietary guidelines are published. Probably papers in 4 areas.
    1. Saturated fat
    2. Salt
    3. Low-Carb dietary pattern as one option for the “Dietary Patterns”. Given the community’s dietary guideline fatigue, we discussed a variety of other approaches. Adequate Essential Nutrition. Nutritional pathways. Tailored to bio-individuality?  An alternative dietary pattern for the metabolically unhealthy? Flexible dietary pathways for the metabolically unhealthy? 
    4. Social Justice angle: the need for the Dietary Guidelines to respond to race/ethnicty and low socio-economic status. Perhaps emphasize the social justice angle since existing dietary guidelines were based mostly on research on whites and with feeding assistance primarily goes to people of color? Perhaps use approach that has worked for Aseem Malhotra – Optimize metabolic health & support normal immune function by cutting ultra – processed food and minimizing low quality carbs

Here’s how a multi-pronged approach could work from scientific, clinical & legal perspective

  • A peer-reviewed, international document, with respected authors, similar to the consensus document Eric Kossoff led for pediatric epilepsy guidelines would be very helpful. Their initial document was very conservative. Choosing clinician-researchers respected by their mainstream peers would be very helpful.
  • Once published, such a paper would be very helpful in discussing definitions with governments.
  • Can start the conversation and draft legislation. U.S. policy makers like to listen to U.S. scientists.
  • Understand what the scientific community needs in terms of definitions
  • Develop a list of terms. What would people be seeing in terms of labeling and advertising? (E.g., keto, ketogenic, low-carb, net carbs, sugar alcohols.) Getting perspective from a few product developers would be helpful. What’s appropriate in order to make health claims?

Metabolic Health Summit –

Similarly, a summit of metabolic health foundations, advocacy groups and grass-roots organizations could be very helpful. Perhaps start with a call in January of 2021 or an established oranization like IPTN sharing their lessons learned. We’re gathering a list of organizations that might be interested or helpful in this Metabolic Health Summit Google Doc (Contact points within each are welcome!)

Future Wish List

Supporting Metabolic Health in Communities of Color

Food 4 Health Alliance, another lobbying group, has been active. They might be interested in a focus group with Metabolic Health influencers within communities of color. When Metabolic Multiplier published Leaders in metabolic health, keto and Black culture, we found that many had not yet meet each other. So Facilitating introductions to leaders in a particular affinity group will be beneficial. [Note: Food 4 Health is not a low-carb group and not all have an understanding of metabolic health issues. Could would be an educational process for them]

Background not discussed in meeting

A recent CDC report highlighted the hardest hit ethnicities in the U.S. If you know of leaders in metabolic health and keto in any of these, please let us know! We’d like to build similar posts for each under-served group but we need volunteers to help lead the movement! In addition to clinicians, leading learners can be very helpful!

Hardest hit US ethnicities: Native Americans, LatinX, Asian Indian, & Blacks It could also be useful to learn what successful non-white communities are doing right.

Lobbying – We support

Suggested links:

Public Relations – We also discussed recruiting prominent sports figures, and other influencers to the metabolic health movement?

Attendees: Antonio Martinez, Nina Teicholz, Dan Pincus, David Pendergrass, & Cecile Seth Nina Teicholz, Executive Director of the Nutrition Coalition. Antonio Martinez, who is Low-Carb Action Network. Also, Cecile Seth & Daniel Pincus.

For Bios see Thank you to Metabolic Health Alliance Volunteers

For Teams See our September meeting round up.

Let us know where you’d like to help!


January 11
11:00 am - 12:00 pm UTC+0
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