Thank you to Metabolic Health Alliance Volunteers from MD’s to Dietitian’s to our Scientists

Our thanks to these Metabolic Multipliers and the Metabolic Health Alliance for offering their help! We especially value our clinicians ranging from MD to Dietitian.

Clinician Contributors

Christie Barnett, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse. Outpatient psychotherapy for >30 years. Metabolic Multiplier.

Laurie Bilyeu, MS RD LDN CSG

Murdoch Campbell, MD

Private GP focused on metabolic health in the United Kingdom.

Donal Collins, MD

General Practitioner. South of England.

David Crutchfield, MD

We thank Dr. Crutchfield for his generous assistance in editing.

Shebani Sethi Dalai, MD 

Double board certified in both Psychiatry and Obesity Medicine. Stanford University – Research & Clinical

Alyssa Gallagher, RD, CDE at St Luke’s Humphreys Diabetes Center in Boise, Idaho 

10 years in practice specializing in Diabetes:  Pre diabetes, Type 1, Type 2  and gestational diabetes

Nevada Gray, PharmD, RN.

Paleo Pharmacist.

Adele Hite, RD, PhD, MPH

Leads Metabolic Health Alliance Education Team. Member of MHA Coordinating Team. Diet Doctor.

Vyvyane Loh, MD

  • Longstanding metabolic health practice in Boston suburb
  • “Reduce medication through metabolic health” goal of most referrals. 
  • Tailors messages for each of the 7 P’s: Patient, Provider, Payer, Purchaser, Policy, Pharma, Paparazzi, Prevention

Jacyln Montefiore, MD, APD, FRACGP, MBBS, BHSc (Nutrition and Dietetics)

Paddington, Australia

Katharine Morrison, MD

Practicing GP in Ayrshire, Scotland.  Author, The Diabetes Diet: How to manage your Diet for weight loss and incredible sugar control

Christine Najjar, MD, MS Internal Medicine

Practicing physician, US

Nicholas Norwitz, MD-PhD candidate

Has almost completed his PhD.  Starting medical school in Boston.

Robert Oh, MD, MPH, Army Colonel

Sports & Family medicine. Practicing and Research

Philip Ovadia, MD 

St. Petersburg, FL. Practicing Cardiac Surgeon.  Practice includes Metabolic Health & Heart Disease Risk Management.  Meat Rx.  

Sarah Rice, Optometrist

Developed and curates Low-Carbohydrate nutrition study references for the Nutrition Network.

Eric Smythe, MD

Serial Entrepreneur. and Difference.Foundation

Emily Spurlock, RD 

In addition to her professional site, Emily blogs about recipes, life, and travel at Bound by Food. Idaho

Priyanka Wali, MD

Double board-certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine

Juan Carlos Torres Urrutia, MD

Internal Medicine, Sarasota, Florida


Ben Fury 

SUGARbriety 501(c) on Facebook. “Saving the world from sugar addiction.” 501(c)(3) international nonprofit organization.

Dorian Greenow, Mr. Keto Mojo

Gemma Kochis, Mrs. Keto Mojo 

Mani Malagón, USN

Former Nuclear sub commander. Metabolic Multiplier.

Antonio C Martinez II Esq.

Gotham Government Relations & Communications: Modern Day Lobbyists, New York and Washington.

Daniel Pincus

Daniel Pincus, retired Temple Cantor, Wedding Officiant, is the Administrator of Professor Richard Feinman‘s Nutrition and Metabolism Society

David Pendergrass, PhD

Leads MHA Education Team. Member of MHA Coordinating Team.

Doug Reynolds, Low Carb USA, Society for Metabolic Health Practitioners (SMHP)

Working with Nutrition Network to define CME accreditation pathways that SMHP will recognize.

David Robinson

LCHF. Epilepsy. Writer. Blogger.

Cecile Seth, MBA

MHA Coordinating Team. Multiple subteams. Metabolic Multiplier.

Candice Spence, Nutrition Network

Project Manager & writer

Angela Stanton, PhD

Migraine and protocol author and coach

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